Estate Management Web Description

Introducing Estate Manager Web

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Datalogic Consultants Ltd is a software company since 1995 specializing in the development and support of Car Hire, Real Estate, Garage, Booking system and other various software and internet applications.

Estate Manager Web is brand new, fully web based, state-of-the-art tool based on Oracle database technology that enables property management operators to maximise profitability in their activities. Estate Manager Web is a tool that will be used efficiently and effectively for any company portfolio of any size for the next 20 years.

Under the hood

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Estate Manager Web uses the latest technologies in the field. The heart that drives Estate Manager Web is ASP.NET, framework 4. The software is written in a combination of programming languages, such as C#, HTML, Javascript, JQuery and it also utilises AJAX and JSON technologies. The software is easily configured to run on Windows Server through the Internet Information Services (IIS). The database engine of Estate Manager is Oracle which can be configured to run in your existing Windows Server which hosts the software.

application deployment

An important feature of Estate Manager Web is the client website feature. Your prospective clients can use the advanced search engine and look for their desired properties (houses, apartments, plots, land, etc.) available for purchase or rent and also see their detailed description and photos.

Finally, Estate Manager Web uses the powerful reporting tools Crystal Reports, which is a completely web-based solution (installed on the IIS server) to present and analyse data in a professional look. Crystal Reports enables the user to export reports in PDF, Excel and Word formats. The user has also the possibility to send reports to another user via email.

What it means for you

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Being a fully web based software means that you and your employees can run it from any computer or workstation without requirements and installation. All you need is an internet browser and an internet connection! All major browsers are supported such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

This setup can be easily applied to a multitude of working scenarios when for example your employees have access from their working environments in the office, or even for remote users, employees which are on working environments outside the office.

Estate Manager Web also provides a high-level of security with the possibility to strictly allow user access only from specified IP addresses. This means that only certified personnel can enter the application from the list of allowed computers or workstations. Moreover the built-in mechanism for user rights access provides an additional level of security.

Finally, for an even more secure working environment you can even setup the application to run entirely in your local area network, without worrying about external interferences.

workflow schema

Features of Estate Manager Web

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Estate Manager Web is an easy to use web based system a complete package for property management. It is built from the ground-up (based on our experience for more than 17 years on the field). It consists of three integrated parts, all in one package:

1) A front-end web application available to all internet visitors (website)
Clients can:
  • Get instant property availability and pricing
  • Use the search engine to find their desired property
  • Sign-up to the application’s newsletter system
  • Register for property updates and email alerts
  • Login and maintain their account details and browse through their favorite properties.
  • Send property requests to the company
2) A back-end tool (back-office) available to company users

Manage all your company’s content with the back-end application with features such as:

Input your parameters
  • Manage your client list with the built-in address book
  • Manage localities, districts and municipalities
  • Manage property types (house, apartment, shop, etc.) and sub-property types (apartment floor, penthouse, etc.)
  • Supervise property projects by inputing Subcontractors, Lawyers, construction phases, building materials, building zones, agents and more

  • View detailed information and photos/documents of buildings, plots and land for sale and add or remove from the front-end website
  • View detailed information and photos/documents of properties for rent and add or remove from the front-end website
  • View and manage prospective purchasers or prospective tenants and handle their appointments
  • Create and maintain rental contracts or purchase proposals
  • Quickly find what you are looking for by using the advanced searching functions for buildings, plots and land

  • View reports using the built-in Crystal Reports engine
  • Export lists in PDF, Word and Excel files
  • Create, print and export property brochures

Advanced Administration Functions
  • Run your own specialised queries using the ExecSql tool
  • Setup reminders, emails, flyers and sms settings
  • Create the front-end website's Press Releases, Media Discussions and Latest News sections
  • Use the Notification Center to view valid properties, client birthdays, prospective purchasers, expiring rental contracts and latest price changes
3) CRM marketing tools (embedded in the back-end)

Make strategic decisions about your next move with the built-in CRM tools of Carhire Manager Web:

  • Setup and send out:
    • 1) Newsletters via email
    • 2) SMS messages
  • Create mailing lists based on certain search criteria
  • Visualise and make your next marketing decision using the built-in charts

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